Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vintage Teacup Candles

I have amassed quite a collection of beautiful vintage teacups, I also love candles, especially those which are beautifully scented with fragrance oil, so I have combined the two for the ultimate candle for vintage lovers. These look so pretty (and dare I say romantic!) and fit perfectly in the vintage interior where modern candles might look out of place. The cups take on a lovely translucent effect when the candle is burning. Once the candle has burnt out, you are still left with a beautiful teacup which you can use for your Earl Grey.

Each candle comes in a pretty ivory box with pink tissue and a box of matches covered in lovely fabric (not necessarily the box shown in the photo but certainly one equally as beautiful and with fabric chosen to compliment the design on the china).

I have a variety of teacups and teacups with saucers.

Teacups are priced at £12 each.
Teacups with saucers are priced at £15 each set.


UK = £3.50 one teacup/and saucer (Second Class)
£6.00 two teacups and saucers (Parcel Post, est. 3-5 days)
£9.00 Three teacups and saucers (Parcel Post, est. 3-5 days)
Europe/Rest of the World = Please contact me for a quotation. (Sadly, the teacups and their packaging are heavy and an estimate is roughly £10 to post by airmail.)

I currently have the following selection available (updated 25 July/2011):


ONE - Striking design in shades of aqua with gilding stamped "Myotts". A dainty teacup, this one. SOLD

TWO - Very pretty pink rosey design teacup with a touch of gilding. I have only just noticed that the cup and saucer do not bear matching backstamps but they certainly look pretty together. I will happily sell this either as a pair or just as a solo teacup. Cup stamped "Royal Vale', saucer stamped "Colclough".

THREE - Very elegant and classical Indian tree design single teacup (no saucer) in stunning colours. Stamped "Indian Tree, Elizabethan".

FOUR - Very pretty "Royal Vale" bone china cup and saucer with a charming cottage scene. Gilt edged.

FIVE - Gorgeous teacup and saucer with beautifully coloured cottage scene. Ultimate vintage chic! Stamped "Bone china, made in England" (hooray!) Gilt edged.

Gorgeous unusual, fluted shaped teacup with matching saucer. Pretty pink floral decoration. Stamped "Clarence Bone China, Made in England". Gilt edged.